RememberingChristmas.com is all about a love of a holiday that has come to represent so much more than just a religious holiday, but a time for family and friends come together and share a special time together at least once a year.

As a family that has worked in various forms of retail since our earliest years (Sean started working at age 8 off-and-on in retail, and was responsible for some purchasing by age 11), it has been hard some times for us to maintain the Christmas spirit during that specific time of the year.  As a family, we long ago decided to celebrate Christmas through out the year with at least one Christmas tree up on our house at all times.  We decided that perhaps we weren’t the only people in a similar situation, so we decided to help others keep Christmas in their hearts through out the year … without having to have a tree up all year long.  (Have you ever tried ducting a Christmas tree?  Not easy!)

So, won’t you join us?  We are dedicated to bringing you stories of Christmas, free Christmas entertainment, recipes, crafting ideas and a lot more.