U.K. Department Stores Open Their Christmas Boutiques

Harrods Advent CalendarTwo of the most famous department stores in the United Kingdom has taken the concept of Christmas in July to a whole new level by not just having a sale, but by opening their seasonal departments now.

Harrods and Selfridges both opened their Christmas sections on the 28th of this month, much to the shock of tourists passing through the famous stores while in London on vacation.  While a bit of surprise to be this early, this is actually only four days earlier than last year’s opening dates.  “We get a lot of international clients from all over the world and we are catering for their demands.” a spokesperson for Harrods told AFP.  “Peak season for us is July-August and we get quite a lot of customers asking for Christmas products.”

However, the fact that this is happening in the middle of the summer heat is not lost on anyone.  In addition to rolling out a wide range of decorations, Harrods os also selling the “12 ice creams of Christmas,” which includes flavors such as Christmas pudding with brandy butter, mulled wine and Brussels sprouts.

To all of you out there that say it seems like Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier every year, I’m thinking you may be right.

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