Christmas in July

Christmas in JulyWhile the concept of Christmas in July has been with us for ages, it seems people are beginning to take it more and more seriously, almost becoming something akin to the unofficial start to the Christmas season.

Last weekend I went by the local Hallmark store as I had gotten an invitation to come check out the Keepsake Ornaments debut.  Didn’t this used to happen in August?  At least that’s how I remember it, but, no, mid-July, there was the first batch of ornaments in all of their glory.  And while I picked up a few (I’ve been collecting “Frosty Friends” since #2), I was a bit surprised by the number of other shoppers around me doing the same.  Do keep in mind that I live in a town of 17,000, seeing multiple people doing anything at the same time in this town comes as a surprise.

Who I felt for were the poor employees.  It was 90+ degrees outside and they were being forced to wear “Merry Christmas” sweatshirts.  No one could spring for t-shirts?

Then this weekend home shopping channel QVC is having their annual Christmas in July weekend long event.  Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, the whole channel is wall-to-wall Christmas themed items this weekend.  And … yeah, I’ve stopped flipping channels for a bit to watch it.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for Christmas anything.

Has July become the start of the Christmas season now?  As I type this, there are just over 155 shopping days until Christmas in the United States, and apparently it’s time to get started.

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