Get Double Use Out Of Your Outdoor Christmas Garland

One of the biggest complaints people have about decorating for the holidays is they seem to come in a rapid succession.  By the time you put them up, it feels like it’s time to take them down.  So, why not put them up early, but repurpose them?

While last week we complained about stores putting up Christmas decorations already, there is a way to put up your Christmas decor now, but disguise it with Halloween items.  The idea is go ahead put up your Christmas garland now, and then on top of that you put Halloween themed decorations, or better yet, fall-themed garland.  You can get garland that looks like leaves changing color at just about any craft store, and this will carry you through Thanksgiving for sure.  When it comes time to decorate for Christmas, you simply take off the fall/Halloween items, and viola, there’s your Christmas garland ready to go.

The side benefit of this is that it will make your fall decorations look fuller, and if you wrap enough of the other decor around it, people won’t even be able to tell from a distance what is underneath it.

So, why spend all that time decorating twice when you can do it one go?  It’s how we decorate our porch, and it works every time!  (And no, that picture ins’t our porch)

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