Costco Jumps The Christmas Shopping Gun

While we advocate getting your Christmas shopping done early around here, there’s a difference between shopping at your own pace and a company deciding that Sept. 16th is a great day to start putting up its decor.

On Twitter this week, Jim H., going by the user name @jhoggie, shared a picture he took at the Woodland, CA Costco at around 6:30 PM on Thursday the 16th.  As you can see to the right it’s of a light-up Santa on display.

Again, may we stress this was on Sept. 16th?

While we’ve all gotten used to seeing Christmas decor for sale around Halloween, slipping this deep into Sept. just seems a bit excessive even by our standards.  At the time this picture was taken it was 99 days until Christmas, so we’re now setting stuff up over three months in advance?

We’re all excited for Christmas, but this is just insanity, and to be quite honest, we’re a bit offended.  If you want to keep Christmas in your home all year long, go for it.  If your business is a year-round Christmas operation, no problem.  Putting up Christmas-themed items such as this at this early of a date … ugh.

Sorry, Costco, but this just isn’t right.

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