If You Want An iPad For Christmas, Order Now

In my day job as a technology blogger, something has come to the attention of those of in the industry: The iPad will be scarce for Christmas.

Every year there is some item that it seems everyone puts on their Wishlist, and that item becomes impossible to find as the holiday draws near.  Some the most famous examples include Tyco’s “Tickle Me Elmo” back in the 1990’s, the Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80’s and even the Zhu Zhu Pets just this past Christmas.

While we are still several months out from Christmas this year, it looks like Apple’s iPad tablet may be this year’s “must have” item. The online Apple Store is already showing that the item doesn’t ship for 7 to 10 business days, which is unusually long for an Apple product. There are also many reports that the parts suppliers in Asia are unable to keep up with growing demand for the gadget.  Evidence is surely mounting that this product is going to be next to impossible to find come the holiday shopping season.

We certainly advocate the concepts that Christmas is about more than store bought gifts, but we also feel it is our duty to warn you when something like this appears to be shaping up.  If you think there is any possibility that you want to give one of these to a loved one this holiday season, now would be the time to be purchasing it and putting it away in your gift closet for the next few months.

Also, there is one large caveat to this: Don’t be surprised if a new version is released very early next year.  Apple introduced the iPad last January and shipped it in April, and seeing as the company likes to keep products such as this on a once-a-year refresh cycle, don’t be surprised if iPad 2 hits in April 2011.  This, of course, won’t matter to people who want it “NOW!”, but we still felt we should warn you.

Will you be purchasing any iPads this holiday season?

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