Santa’s Lodge

While watching a repeat of Deal Or No Deal on the Game Show Network the other night, I learned of a Christmas-themed hotel that I haver heard of before.  Read on, it’ll make sense.

Whenever I’m writing, I like to have the TV on as background noise, but I always turn it to things I think will not distract me. More often than not this turns out to either be cartoons or game shows, so I end up “watching” a lot of Game Show Network.  During one of Friday’s repeats it was a Christmas-themed episode, so naturally this carried over to the contestant who was from Santa Clause, IN, and he happened to be the manager of Santa’s Lodge.

Apparently this hotel is the closest to a theme park named Holiday World, which, I hate to admit it, I had no clue existed.  Sadly, that appears to be the only positive thing that can be said about this hotel.

All that aside, you have to wonder why more hotels haven’t tried this.  If you can have a year-round Christmas store, why not more businesses that celebrate the season year round?  Last weekend I happened to see QVC was doing a Christmas in July special, and while I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched the shopping channel, I stopped for a bit just to take in the set decorations.  (You know the kind, it’s what you always aspire to in your own home, but never quite achieve)

As I have said on this site time and time again, Christmas is more about spirit than anything else, so there is nothing wrong with a business here or there that celebrate it year round.

Do you know of any year-round Christmas businesses?  Share them in the comments!

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