Summer Activities To Prepare For Christmas

Yes, I know if you look outside here in the United States right now, you see trees in bloom, lightning bugs, fireworks displays and so on, but it’s never too early to be thinking about your Christmas crafts.

With your kids at home for the summer, you’re bound to hear a lot of moans about “I’m bored!”  Instead of giving them a couple dollars to go buy junk food, or setting them down in front of the TV, why not start working on some crafts for this coming Christmas?

Now of course we aren’t talking making a gingerbread house in July (ignore the picture in this post on that part), but instead things like making ornaments.  Name a grandparents that wouldn’t love getting a handmade ornament from their grandchild.  Exactly, you can’t do it.  Instead of waiting to until a week before Christmas when everyone is busy, you can do it now and take your time with the project.

And also think about the lessons you can teach your kids with this.

  • Christmas is about a spirit of giving, and you can keep it in your heat all year long.
  • Handmade gifts can always beat store bought ones.
  • It’s never too early to get an “assignment” done.

So it may seem a little odd to be making a Christmas ornament with fireworks going off, but it can keep kids entertained while teaching them sneaky lessons about life and family.

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