Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere Weekend Coming July 10 & 11

You know everyone is starting to think about Christmas when Hallmark is getting ready to release its Keepsake Ornaments.

Back at the end of May we brought you information on the 2010 Keepsake Ornaments Dream Book being released, and already it’s time for the Premiere Weekend.  Is it just me or is this getting earlier every year.  Are we going to see it on New Year’s Day eventually?

There will be lots of reasons to drop by your local Hallmark store that weekend, from special ornaments to bonus points for your purchases:

  • Ornament Club members will receive the Smiling Soldier ornament (pictured to the right) for a purchase of an ornament priced at $7.95 or more.
  • The first two ornaments in the Peanuts Fun on Ice series will be released that weekend (with the other three released over the following months)
  • Disney and Peanuts ornaments will get you 100 bonus points.

You can see all of the offers at the member’s exclusive page.

It looks like it will be a good launch weekend, although some ornaments won’t be available until the fall (like the Christmas Vacation one I am waiting for … darn it!).

The stores will be opening at 8 AM local time, so if you’re really anxious for something, you may want to be there early rather than later.

Is there anything you are really anxious for?

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