Use Your Christmas Tree Year Round For Other Holidays

Now that Christmas is behind us, are you dreading taking down your tree? Have you ever thought about finding alternate uses for it through out the year?

While the Christmas tree is of course most associated with the holiday it is named for, there is no rule saying you can’t use it for other holidays. It can be a pain to take it out of storage, set it up for a month and then drag it back into storage for the next year. If you enjoy your tree, and are willing to keep it dusted, why not keep it up all year and change its decorations with the holidays of the season?

Around RememberingChristmas, we all love Christmas lights, and have found by using white lights on our tree, we can change the tree to match just about any holidays.  Easter is coming up in the spring for instance, why not make ornaments out o those plastic eggs you put little prizes inside of into ornaments?

Valentine’s Day?  Cover it in kids Valentines or heart decorations.

You get the idea that if you can find ites related to a holiday that are fairly small, you can make a tree out of it.  The only thing you need to do is to remember to dust it as if you’re lights build up dust on them they can begin to overheat which will smile quite badly once they do.

Have you found any alternate uses fo ryour Christmas tree in other parts of the year?

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  1. […] but this is just insanity, and to be quite honest, we’re a bit offended.  If you want to keep Christmas in your home all year long, go for it.  If your business is a year-round Christmas operation, no problem.  Putting up […]

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