Watch The 1935 Version Of Scrooge For Free

scrooge1935Movies finally fall into the public domain after so many years, meaning that anyone can do anything they want with them essentially, and that includes putting them online for people to watch for free.

Thanks to this little gem of the law, you can watch a lot of older films online for free, including a nice selection of Christmas movies. ¬†(this is also why it used to be you couldn’t turn on the TV without running into someone showing It’s A Wonderful Life, new rules were put in to place in the case of that particular film)

First up in the ones we will be locating and posting for you this year is the 1935 version of Scrooge, starring Sir Seymour Hicks and directed by Henry Edwards.  While there have been numerous versions, and everyone has their own personal favorite, but this version is quite entertaining and is great if you just want to share in this classic story with loved ones this holiday season.

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